MANVELL FAMILY TREE (C18th to present day) – 8KB PDF file

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–2 Generations (grand-parents) (Continued from Bulman page.) line

Arnold Edward William Manvell (1868-19??)
Relationships: my paternal grandfather
Relationships: son of William Manvell
Date: 1922
Location: Peterborough
Occupation: Canon of Peterborough Cathedral
Ref./Loc'n: AEWM1922 (p42p1)

Arnold Manvell

Gertrude Theresa Baines (1880-1963?)
Relationships: paternal grandmother
Relationships: m. Arnold Edward William, June 1903
Date: 1940/06/19
Location: Probably Leicester
Ref./Loc'n: GM1940 (p43p1)

G. Manvell
–1 Generation (parents) line

Arnold Roger Manvell (1909/10/10–1987/11/30)
Relationship: my father
Date: c1944
Location: not known
Reference: ARM(1944)

Arnold Roger Manvell

Edith Mary Manvell with me (right) and

      Christine Bulman with mother Gertrude (left)
Relationship: Cousin, aunt, mother and self.
Date: 1943?
Location: The Firs, Wigston Fields?
Reference: GB/EM(1943)
Bulman/Manvell Family
Left – back: Margaret Bulman & son, Ronald Scott,

   front: me, Edith Manvell, Geoffrey Bulman)

Right – back: Margaret and Mollie Bulman
   (née Garner), front: as above.
Relationship: family
Date: c.1945
Location: The Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
Reference: BMF(c1945)

Edith Mary and John Christopher Manvell
Relationship: My mother and I
Date: c1947
Location: 6, The Paragon, Clifton, Bristol
Reference: EM&JCM(1947)

Edith Mary and John Christopher Manvell

John Christopher (aka Chris) Manvell
Relationship: Me
Date: c1960
Location: Bristol
Reference: JCM(1960)

John Christopher Manvell

Christopher (aka John) Manvell
Relationship: Me
Date: 2005
Location: Skye
Reference: CJM(2005)

Christopher John Manvell